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In particular, you need to be aware of the execution context when writing event handler code within the workflow class itself Why This is a problem because code in the workflow class has access to the variables that represent the child activities This isn t the case when writing code in a custom activity class When you are writing code in the workflow class, you might be tempted to directly reference these local variables You need to resist that temptation To illustrate this, consider the ReplicatorParallelWorkflow example in this chapter The workflow class includes a variable named consoleMessageActivity1, which refers to the ConsoleMessageActivity added to the workflow This activity isn t a direct child of the workflow, but instead, the tree of activities looks like this: replicatorParallelWorkflow replicatorActivity1 sequenceActivity1 consoleMessageActivity1 This workflow has event handler code for the ChildInitialized event that references the current instance of the ConsoleMessageActivity.

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Kendo.Mvc.UI.PDFViewer. Kendo UI PDFViewer component. Fields. urlGenerator. The URL generator. Properties. PdfjsProcessing. Specifies the PDF​.

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tap-and-hold the tab of the document you are currently working with. ... display. Tap Navigator to open the Navigation Panel with navigation actions available for the ...

this.RootVisual = new Page(); } // ... } The constructor registers default event handlers for the events defined in the Application class. The life cycle of a Silverlight application is shown in Figure 13-7.

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Oct 29, 2020 · cshtml) and right-click anywhere in the view window. In the invoked context menu​, select Insert DevExpress MVC Extension. getting-started-eud- ...

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System.Net.WebClient webClient=new System.Net.WebClient(); //passing url of local web page to read its html content Stream responseData = ...

The potential problem arises in this handler code If you reference the consoleMessageActivity1 variable, you are referencing the activity that is part of this original tree of activities Because the workflow is using the ReplicatorActivity, the consoleMessageActivity1 is simply a template activity Modifying it will only change future instances of the activity as they are cloned If it is your intent to modify the template, feel free to do so But if your intent is to reference the current instance of the activity, this workflow variable won t help you at all To determine what the code should do within the ChildInitialized handler, you need to understand that the tree of activities now looks like this: replicatorParallelWorkflow replicatorActivity1 sequenceActivity1 (template A) consoleMessageActivity1 (template B) sequenceActivity1 (cloned instance A1) consoleMessageActivity1 (cloned instance B1) Prior to calling the handler for the ChildInitialized event, the ReplicatorActivity clones its only direct child (sequenceActivity1).

Zend_Acl manages these lists as well as the relationships between the two. It then provides a method, isAllowed(), which you use to query the lists.

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[PDF] ASP.NET MVC 4 and the Web API
In this chapter, you learned how the ASP.NET MVC Framework provides a great platform for building REST-style Web APIs. In scenarios where much of the power​ ...

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Syncfusion Essential PDF is a .NET PDF library used to create, read, and edit PDF documents. Using this library, you can create a PDF document ...

Since this is a deep clone, all children are also cloned (consoleMessageActivity1) The result is a brand-new instance of the SequenceActivity and ConsoleMessageActivity that I ve labeled cloned instance A1 and B1 This cloned set of activities lives within a new execution context Now the real fun begins How do you reference the B1 instance (the ConsoleMessageActivity) in order to set its Message property The ChildInitialized event passes an instance of ReplicatorChildEventArgs that has an Activity property This activity represents the root of the execution context In this case, that s the cloned A1 instance of the SequenceActivity You can now find the B1 instance that you really need in two different ways The example code calls eActivityGetActivityByName, passing in the name of the activity like this:.

Figure 13-7. Silverlight application life cycle The Startup event handler is the place to specify the UIElement-based class that provides the main user interface. This is generally a UserControl-based class, such as is generated by default and reflected in setting the RootVisual to a new instance of this class (Page). The Exit event handler has no implementation, but the method body is there for you to put any code you want executed when the user has exited the Silverlight application (generally by closing the browser or navigating to a different page). The Application class also provides two useful properties. The Current property is static and returns the one (and only) instance of the Application implementation, making it easy to reference application-level resources from the code-behind. The other property is Host, of type SilverlightHost; it returns a reference to the environment hosting the Silverlight plug-in. If you do not include an Application-based class, the compiled assembly can be used as a library, either packaged as part of a XAP file containing a Silverlight application or downloaded on demand and loaded via reflection. You can also store other resources, such as data files and media files, outside this XAP file.

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Just return the data to the client with a Content-Type of application/pdf . The client will open it in Adobe Reader or whatever PDF viewer is ...

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you can choose whatever type of file it is. as long as you put the right format/​contentType in your case "application/PDF". Copy Code. public FileStreamResult​ ...

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